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Batman Cosplay Costumes SuperCenter$1,488.00  $392.59


I had a hard time with sizing, so I ultimately went with an Adult Large (even though I wear American XS or S in most clothes, although I am tall, and I have a booty). I am so glad I did-- the skirt fits fine, although is a little long (fits to true waist, think high-waisted). Bodice will need to be tailored down a bit for me, but I expected that. What I am really surprised by is that my daughter's Child Large costume almost fits me! If you don't have a large chest and can wear American XS or S, go with the Child Large for a typical "American Halloween" sexy fit. The child L skirt is actually the length I would prefer for myself. reviews 5 rating Date Added: 09/22/2016
Sizing is very difficult to confirm. I ordered a child's large because the only options were small (which based on measurements looked way too small) and large. I ordered an adult large of Cure March for myself (which fits appropriately), and this children's large is just a HAIR too small on me. How is a child's large comparable to an adult large?? We will have to tailor WAY down by ourselves, which is never what you want to do after spending $85 on something. Other than that, the quality of the costume is acceptable, and the details are nice-- bells on the shoulders, bow, contrasting seams/borders on bodice and skirt. I would order again, but only after maybe calling and discussing the sizing options with a representative. I also recommend bike shorts to anyone buying this costume-- they wear them in the show, and the skirt is definitely short enough to merit them. I found some on Amazon. reviews 5 rating Date Added: 09/22/2016
So I ordered this on the 12 of April 2015 and it said it was to arrive April 19 but it actually arrived Monday the 18th! It's super comfy I love the material and they did a great job on this costumes! If you're planning on cosplaying with it but want to be comfortable, I recommend this instead of the other rough material people sale. reviews 5 rating Date Added: 04/24/2016
Amazing product from ohcosplay. The quality was great and the seller is very good with communicating with you if you have and questions! My order came extremely fast as well. i like code geass boots! reviews 5 rating Date Added: 04/23/2016