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Arrow Costumes

Arrow Roy Harper Red Cosplay Costumes
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Arrow is an American series on The CW Television Network based on the DC Comics comic book hero Green Arrow (in Dutch expenditure called Green Arrow). The pilot aired on October 10, 2012. In the Netherlands, the first season was aired by Veronica [1] from February 3, 2013 at 21.25. In Flanders, ZES channel began to broadcast the series from February 22, 2014.

The series currently has four completed seasons. On October 5, 2016 the series will begin its fifth season.

Season 1

After a shipwreck that killed his father, billionaire Oliver Queen is lost for five years and presumed dead before he was found on a remote island in the Pacific. In his hometown of Starling City, he will be welcomed with open arms by his mother Moira, his sister Thea, and best friend Tommy. They soon find that Oliver has been changed by his ordeal on the island. While Oliver the truth about the man he has been holding secret he wants to make good the mistakes of his youth, and he tries to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend, Laurel Lance.

He secretly creates the persona of Arrow, a vigilante, to the injustice done to his family and to combat the excesses of society and his beloved city of Starling City again to restore its former glory. By day, Oliver plays the role of wealthy, carefree playboy, he once was assisted by his devoted chauffeur / bodyguard, John Diggle, keeping his secret identity takes on under the cover of darkness. Laurels father, Detective Quentin Lance, is determined to arrest the unknown adventurer. Meanwhile, it is clear that Oliver's mother Moira, who is now married with a business associate of his father, knows more about the deadly shipwreck and is more ruthless than he could ever have imagined. She works, albeit against her will, along with Malcolm Merlyn, a businessman and member of a specialized group of assassins called the League of Assassins. He plans to destroy the neighborhood Glades with an earthquake machine to a personal reason. End of season one, he put his plan into effect. Merlyn Oliver apparently kills in a final battle, but can not prevent Merlyns plan is completed. is seen in a series of flashbacks how Oliver when he was on the island, prevented a terrorist attack on an airplane.

Season 2

In season 2 Oliver continues his work. He is now on better terms with the police, especially agent Quentin Lance. He will face include the mysterious Brother Blood and a man named Slade Wilson, who can give people superhuman powers work together on an agent. Oliver, this means seen during his stay on the island, aboard a stranded Japanese submarine. It was on this island that Slade Wilson was given the drug and thus the superhuman murderer he is today. Slade, Oliver blames the death of his girlfriend when she stayed all three on the island, is out for revenge and begins to slowly ruin Oliver. He takes away his business and kills his mother. Simultaneously Malcolm Merlyn appears to be still alive, and it becomes clear that he is the biological father of Thea. It is also more clear about the League of Assassins. This is led by a certain Ra's al Ghul. Moreover Olivers apparent girlfriend Sarah, which was believed she had drowned when Oliver's yacht sank to his still life and a member of the League. Finally manages to beat Oliver Slade and to deprive him of his powers, while Thea Starling City escaped with Malcolm Merlyn.

Sseason 3

Beginning of season 3 Oliver is financially ruined, but still continues his work as Arrow. His company, Queen Consolidated, is taken over by a new CEO, Ray Palmer, who secretly plans to meet with the Queen Consolidated technology to create a Superpak which he himself can be a hero. This works, and as The Atom Ray is a new partner of Oliver. Not much later, Sara, who was in Starling City to find Malcolm Merlyn, murdered, and everything indicates that Merlyn was her killer. When Oliver first want to investigate further, and Merlyn therefore increases in protection, he incurs the wrath of the League and its leader Ra's al Ghul in the neck. However, when Oliver survived a duel with Ra's al Ghul, decides to appoint it to Oliver to his successor, whether Oliver like it or not. To force Oliver, destroyed Ra's Oliver's reputation as a hero and carried out an attack on his sister Thea. Eventually Oliver agrees, but this appears to be actually part of a plan to destroy the league from the inside. In the season finale beats Oliver Ra's al Ghul, and Malcolm is the new Ra's. Oliver decides later to stop provisionally hero work and build a new life together with Felicity.

Becomes clear through a series of flashbacks to Oliver, in the five years that he was away, not sitting all the time on the island; He was also a time held in Hong Kong by Amanda Waller, which forced him to be her mercenary.

Season 4

Beginning of season 4 Oliver still picks up the thread again as a hero, but now takes the name "Green Arrow" to emphasize that he wants to give the people of his city hopes i.p.v. frightening. He also committed under his real name for election as mayor of Star City. Olivers new opponent this season Damien Darhk, the magic of decision-leader of the terrorist organization H.I.V.E .. Thea also joins Team Arrow under the name "Speedy". Meanwhile, Laurel used the Lazarus Pit of Ra's al Ghul to bring Sara back to life.