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The Dark Knight (Dark Knight) is a 2008 film directed by Christopher Nolan and based on Batman, the comic book character created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. The film is the sequel to Batman Begins (2005), also directed by Nolan, and was preceded by the direct-to-video film Batman: Gotham Knight, collection of animated short films made in anime style, covering the ' time span between the two film work.

Bruce Wayne in this movie or Batman (Christian Bale), flanked by the District Attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) and Commissioner Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman), is facing a criminal madman who calls himself the Joker (Heath Ledger). The cast also includes Maggie Gyllenhaal, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman.

The film was shot in the United States, especially in Chicago [1], and in Hong Kong. It was the first feature film in which the IMAX technology was employed [3] to shoot some sequences. Its release was preceded by a huge online viral marketing campaign. In addition, it has aroused particular attention in the media Ledger's death, which took place January 22, 2008, shortly after the end of filming.

The Dark Knight was released in US theaters on July 18, 2008 and grossed over a billion dollars worldwide, [4] remaining three years of the film's most successful superhero. The film received numerous nominations and awards, including two Academy Awards, Richard King for the best sound editor and Heath Ledger as Best Supporting Actor (posthumously).

In 2012 he released the sequel, The Dark Knight - The return, which concludes the trilogy of Nolan.

A bank of Gotham City recycling Mafia money is assaulted by robbers in the pay of the evil Joker, criminal scarred face that you put make-up like a clown and of unknown identity. These will kill each unaware of the plan other than their boss had planned from the beginning: to flee alone with the booty without leaving witnesses. Since Batman has made an appearance, Gotham seems to be a better place, with the terrified mob, but also with improvised vigilantes that mimic the Bat Man, which, however, disapproves such action and makes it clear that he could not share his mission with nobody. Both Lieutenant James Gordon that the new District Attorney Harvey Dent, engaged to the assistant Rachel Dawes, Bruce Wayne's childhood friend, trying unsuccessfully to trap the boss Sal Maroni. Wayne, as a public man backs Dent as Batman and Gordon collaborated with him to bring him to justice organized crime.

The Joker appear at a meeting of the mafia boss, suggesting the death of Batman as the only solution to get back to normal. The bosses are skeptical until the Bat Man does not deliver to their book Gordon Lau Chen, and Dent is a legal foothold to trap hundreds of criminals. Joker later kills the only boss who wanted him dead, and with the approval of the other mobsters enacts his plan to ask publicly that Batman come out and show his identity, otherwise it will kill one victim for each passing day; after having hanged one of the improvised vigilantes, it blows up the car with within the national Maroni process and poisons the Commissioner Loeb; the next victim should be just Harvey Dent, who is saved by Wayne in his attic before facing Joker in the guise of Batman. After a few days the Bat Man and Gordon discovered the hoax of the Joker yet another: the bodies of the policemen Richard Dent and Patrick Harvey, hinting that has no intention of stopping. The next target is the Mayor Garcia, and during the parade commemorating the Commissioner Loeb, Gordon sacrifices himself standing between the mayor and the bullet from Joker, travestitosi policeman to implement the attack. Jim Gordon is declared dead. Bruce Wayne, under the pressing complaints gothamiti, is ready to publicly reveal his secret, but Dent, at a press conference convened on the occasion, reveals, to the astonishment of the real Batman, being the Bat Man and constitutes . Joker comes out and during an adrenaline tracking attempts to destroy the armored vehicle carrying Harvey Dent to the penitentiary; Batman intervenes in time and with an open clash in the streets, attracts Joker into the open just enough to make it capture by Gordon, who was only faked his death to protect his family.

While Gordon was promoted to inspector, both Harvey Dent Rachel Dawes are kidnapped by the henchmen of Maroni. Harshly interrogated by Batman, who loses control and beats him, Joker reveals the location of the two hostages, situated in two different warehouses filled with fuel and explosives, and right after Batman and Gordon leave to save them: the first will go to Rachel, the according to Dent. But actually the Joker has revealed opposites addresses, in fact instead of arriving by Rachel, the Bat Man is located in front of Dent, while Gordon does not arrive in time from the woman. The store will explode and Dent burns the left half of the face while Rachel died in the explosion. Meanwhile Joker escapes from police carrying Lau, then kill the latter and Chechen, one of the mafia in league with Maroni. Then the psychopath is admitted to hospital disguised as a nurse and after a face to face detector with the disfigured and filled with anger Dent, he manages to persuade him and plagiarising, convincing the district attorney to take justice into their own, freeing him and handing him a gun. Destroyed by the death of Rachel and distraught over losing everything because of corruption that he wanted to defeat, Harvey Dent loses his human side and becomes Two-Face, entrusting to its currency the fate of his future victims. Joker blows up the hospital, evacuated just in time, and makes quilting explosive two deputies ferry evacuation of Gotham; assigns the detonator of the first boat to the crew of the second (occupied by prisoners of Gotham) and vice versa, then informing the hostages of both vessels that the only way to save is to blow up the other ship, otherwise he will himself to them explode both as soon struck midnight. In their vessel it is generated chaos, but, after long minutes of hesitation, for the criminal amazement, both the crowds have not the heart to turn into mass murderers. Apparently the Joker's plan does not seem to work, because he failed to show that everyone can be a monster like him and kill people.

With the help of a sonar device made by Lucius Fox (and expanded in secret by the same Batman), the Bat Man had located Joker on top of a skyscraper under construction, and even as the latter was preparing to detonate both ferries, is wounded and captured. The criminal, however, claims to have demonstrated in Gotham City that anyone can become a monster when put in certain situations of despair, even the "champion" of the city. In fact, during the day, Two-Face had tracked down those believed responsible for Rachel's death, that Maroni and corrupt cops Wuertz and Ramirez, and killed them along with two henchmen of the Mafia; Ramirez is graced by currency, after helping Two Faces to take hostage the Gordon family, guilty of having trusted those agents, it was the next target of the prosecutor. Batman leaves the Joker hanging by a cord, and disappears just before the arrival of the SWAT that will capture the criminal. It reaches the warehouse where Rachel was killed, where Dent has in hand the lives of Gordon and his family to take revenge against the innocent Commissioner. The hero tries in vain to reason with the prosecutor, but the good that was left in Harvey Dent has been lost in the explosion that changed him forever: so eventually is forced to overwhelm him to prevent him from killing the son of Gordon , falling with him from the building. Batman survives, Dent dies instantly. Batman does not allow Gordon to spread the news of the fall of the champion of Gotham City, a symbol of hope for the citizens, and he decides to shoulder the blame for the murders of Two-Face: The Dark Knight destroys its image in the eyes of Gotham City and it is hunted like a criminal, but the city will continue to believe in the hero represented by Harvey Dent and the hope that he himself abandoned.