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The Snow Queen Frozen is the 128th feature film animation and 53 "Classic Animation" Disney Studios. Released in 2013, it is loosely based on the homonymous tale by Hans Christian Andersen published in 1844. It tells the story of the optimistic and fearless princess Anna, a trip to the sides of the mountain Kristoff, Sven, his faithful reindeer, and a funny snowman named Olaf, to find his sister, Elsa, exiled because of his icy powers, who have accidentally plunged the kingdom in eternal winter Arendelle.

After several years of reflection and adaptation abandoned attempts, the film is finally put into production in 2011 from a script by Jennifer Lee, who co-directed the film with Chris Buck. Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad and Santino Fontana lend their voices to the main characters (replaced in French respectively by Anaïs Delva, Emmylou Homs, Donald Reignoux, Dany Boon and Guillaume Beaujolais), the music is composed by Christophe Beck songs by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. The film received a positive critical reception and a great success. Some critics consider The Snow Queen as the best musical animated film from the era of the Disney Renaissance. He became the most successful of all time for an animated film by exceeding all expectations against the billion dollar revenue from Toy Story 3. The film was richly rewarded for Annie Awards 2014, Oscar 2014 cinema and Golden Globes 2014 and the song Let It Go (Freed issued) performed by Idina Menzel has become a global success.

Elsa and Anna are two sisters and two princesses of the kingdom of Arendelle. Elsa Arendelle, the big sister of Anna Arendelle, has a powerful power: the power to control snow and ice (remove, add, etc.). However, his gift is only known by his parents and his sister because she would be considered a witch in the eyes of the inhabitants of the kingdom. Only the night the princess can let express its powers in the castle by transforming the throne room in snowy room. Many times Elsa fun of this magic with his sister until she accidentally injures Anna in the head. The king and queen immediately go see the trolls whose king is able to cure Anna. For safety, he decided to withdraw several of her memories so she forgets the powers of his sister. He then puts on guard Elsa powers and advises him to learn to control them, for fear, emotion and anxiety may make him use unconsciously.

When they return to the castle, the number of servants is reduced to a minimum and the doors closed to isolate the princesses as possible. Remembering only moments of joy spent with his senior, Anna is surprised to be ignored it. Elsa remains permanently in his room to control his powers. Once little princesses become adolescents, the King and Queen depart for a trip but are shipwrecked in the middle of the ocean. This new unconsciously resurface Elsa powers, forcing the princesses with their grief their separate ways.

Three years later, Elsa has to be crowned to succeed his father. Happy to get out of the castle for the first time in years, Anna meets Prince Hans South Islands after a slight collision with the horse thereof. Elsa managed somehow to handle the pressure of the coronation ceremony and contain his powers. During the show follows the two sisters make the acquaintance of the Duke of Weselton, a powerful kingdom of the trading partner. They begin to regain their complicity old Elsa but suddenly contains without explanation. Anna, collapsed, found Hans and everyone seems to have feelings for each other. Finally, the prince of the southern islands request Anna to marry who agrees but wants to still be blessed with Elsa. She refuses, saying that does not marry a man you just met. Anna does not understand this reaction and trying to find out why her sister has with her in this way for so many years. Overwhelmed by the turn of events, Elsa tries to end the ball but ends up losing control of his powers. She was immediately accused of being a witch by the Duke of Weselton and panicked, fled to the northern mountains. Arriving at the top, happy not having to contain his powers, it explodes with joy by building an ice palace; it becomes the Snow Queen. It also created the character of Olaf but ignores she accidentally plunged the kingdom into an icy winter. Feeling responsible for his departure and the situation, Anna decides to find her and bring her back. She goes looking for him after Hans designated as regent during his absence.

She travels a few kilometers on horseback before this one runs away. She finally found a store in the woods where she buys boots and meeting Kristoff, a delivery man mountain ice, which teaches him that a huge storm broke out in the northern mountains. Anna convinces him to take it by buying carrots and strings he could not pay. Sven with his reindeer and his sleigh, they leave at night and Anna tells him what happened to the kingdom. They then escape a pack of wolves and must continue on foot. In a clearing, they found a snowman, Olaf, who dreams above all of one day in the summer and Anna recognized like Elsa and were once. It includes Olaf was created by Elsa and powers, and asked him to lead them to her. Meanwhile, the horse Anna returned to the castle, which pushes Hans to lead an expedition to find the queen and the princess. The Duke of Weselton discreetly load two men leaving with Hans and kill Elsa once it is found.

Anna Elsa found in his palace and tries to reason explaining that it caused but this only awaken fears of Elsa who, panicked, injured again his sister unintentionally, but at heart. Convinced that she is a danger to everyone, it relies on a giant snowman to drive Anna, Kristoff, Sven Olaf and his palace. However, note that Kristoff Anna's hair turn white and becomes ice. He decided to take her family to heal. For his part, Hans as he arrives at the ice palace and his team is blocked by the giant snowman. Men Weselton advantage of the confusion to slip away to the group and enter the palace where they undertake a fight with Elsa. Hans finally manages to bring down the snow monster and Elsa arrives in the chamber when it is about to kill his attackers after being brought down. Hans convinces her not to reveal their monster it is not. One of them still manages to take aim with his crossbow Elsa but his shot is deflected narrowly by Hans. The arrow drops the ice chandelier crashing lack of Elsa, who falls unconscious.

Kristoff takes Anna to her adoptive family that are actually trolls the beginning of the story. They think at the beginning that their present his future wife, which seems to interfere with the mountain and Anna. The serious back when King auscultates Princess and explains that he can not heal because she was hit in the heart and it will soon turn into ice statue. The only remedy for this curse is a sincere gesture of love. Kristoff decided to bring Anna to Hans so he could kiss her and break the spell. Elsa wakes up in the dungeons of the castle where Hans tells him that Anna was not found. The Snow Queen asks him to release her.

Kristoff Anna back in time at the castle and reluctantly confides that the domestic lead back to Hans. Alone with him, she informs the evil that reached and the cure for it. While Hans will embrace, making a sincere act of love, he reveals that he was never in love with her but wanted to marry him to become king of Arendelle. Indeed, being the last of his siblings, he has virtually no chance of one day having access to the throne of his kingdom. He played for comedy to trust her, Elsa and other dignitaries. It locks Anna in the room where they were and said to the dignitaries she died shortly after their marriage and orders "reluctantly" running Elsa. The latter, still not managing to control his power, manages to escape but causes a huge storm. Kristoff remark storm and headed for the castle to find Anna. She is rescued by Olaf and thanks to him that includes Kristoff was in love with her.

They manage outside the heart of the storm where Olaf is carried by the wind. Elsa, also lost in the disaster, which falls on Hans tells him that she has indirectly killed his sister with her power. Devastated, Elsa bursts into tears, which stops the storm. Kristoff was able to find Anna but with the judgment of the storm she sees Hans, sword in hand, getting ready to finish Elsa. Then she headed Kristoff, she runs to her sister and stands between her and Hans blade. It then turns into ice statue, breaking the blade of the prince and throwing it back. Elsa realizes the sacrifice of her sister and collapses again before Olaf, Sven and Kristoff, annoyed him as not being able to save Anna in time. But then it is slowly returning to human form, and that includes saving Elsa, she made a sincere gesture of love and removed the harm she had in her. Elsa is also aware that it is thanks to the love she can fully control his powers. It thus cancels the Winter ruling the kingdom. However, Olaf, happy to finally see the summer begins to melt. Elsa creates his personal snowstorm. Later, Hans returned to his kingdom where his brothers the waiting and all contracts signed with Weselton are broken. By canceling the winter itself, Elsa finds the confidence of his subjects and appoints deliveryman Kristoff official ice of the kingdom. He and Anna end up kissing, confessing their love. All residents of Arendelle are then assembled in the courtyard, transformed for the occasion into a skating rink by the Snow Queen, now confident and totally in control of its powers.