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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life is a video game series Harvest Moon gender and simulation. In a Top Ten Internet 10 best Harvest Moon, this peaked 3 followed by 64 and Harvest Moon Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility.

A guy must work on the farm of his father, since he died two months ago. Takakura, a friend of her father, takes the boy the people on this farm; and the boy says goodbye to the other people in which he lived: The Forget-Me-Not Valley.

He starts on his farm with a cow and a dog. After Takakura shows the farm, it presents the townspeople. First he presents the cast of the Inner Inn, Tim, Ruby, Rock and Nami. Then prsenta them Galen and Nina, next to his house is Chris, wife of Wally, then he presented to own Wally and his son Hugh. Then present them to Griffin and Muffy (who falls in love with you), then you have the mayor of the town, Roman, her granddaughter Lumina and his butler Sebastian. On the way to another presentation will show Morrey, a beggar. Finally are your rivals, Vesta's farm, next to or brother Marlin and Celia assistant (who also has Ati affection).

The game has 6 chapters with 10 years, and then more characters.