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Justice League (English: Justice League of America or JLA) is a comic book superhero team consisting of the main characters of the DC Universe. It first appeared in The Brave and the Bold No. 28 (1960). Both the name of the group and its members have varied over the years. The original and best known training includes: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash (Barry Allen), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Aquaman and Martian Manhunter. The Justice League is one of the main publications of the publishing house DC Comics.

Origin League (pre-crisis)

According to the origin of the JLA was revealed in Justice League of America Vol. 1 # 9, the first seven great heroes banded together to repel an alien invasion called Appelliax. When the greatest heroes in the world were unable to defeat this alien menace individually, the Martian Manhunter, Flash (Barry Allen), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Superman and Batman decided to collaborate together as a team to defeat the invasion of Appelliax. These heroes then saw that working together as the Justice League of America, worked perfectamente.


After the successful recovery of the concept of superheroes in the Silver Age, DC Comics commissioned Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky work to revive the Golden Age of the Justice Society of America. Fox was inspired concept League because of the various franchises of various sports at the time (as influenced by the popularity of the NFL and MLB) and then decided to create a new name for the project, that was how a new team arose and eliminated the concept of Society which was formerly called the association of several superheroes, as had happened before in World's Finest Comics series when he stepped in the design of gathering heroes like Batman, Superman and Robin in a partnership to defeat the forces of evil. Fox and Sekowsky then gave a new concept to the Company, transforming based on the above concepts, creating the Justice League of America in 1960 and throwing hand history and pencils in his team's first appearance in the Brave and the Bold series Vol.1 # 28. Murphy Anderson was also the inker for this first story.

Although Superman and Batman made appearances as members of the JLA in the debut, initially they were not involved in the plot or in the great battle that took against Starro the Conqueror. The other five members of the League who fought Starro trying to free the citizens of Happy Harbor, Rhode Island from its mental influence. Lucas "Snapper" Carr, who was immune to the powers Starro became an honorary member of the JLA. Fox, Anderson Sekowsky and creating two more stories starring the JLA in Brave and the Bold vol.1 # 29 and # 30, taking this success, the creative team Justice League finally got his own title.

Evolution of the team

Silver Age (1960) and Bronze Age (1970's-1980's)

During the last decade of the Silver Age, DC Comics, it establishes that the Justice League was in the universe that was called Earth-1. The Justice League held its first headquarters in a cave called El Refugio in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island. The Justice League had begun an annual tradition with their counterparts from the Golden Age, the Justice Society of America, which corresponded to the Multiverse DC to Earth-2, which was this story in the Justice League of America Vol. 1 # twenty-one. During one of these team meetings, the JLA and JSA were found in an affair involving an evil version of themselves called the Crime Syndicate of America, which corresponded to a universe called Earth-3. At that time, the Justice League said other members of the original lineup including Green Arrow, Atom (Ray Palmer), Hawkman and Black Canary (the latter from Earth-2, which had decided to migrate to Earth-1 , leaving the Original Canario, his mother, Dinah Drake), due to a battle with the villain Aquarius, Larry Lance who had married her was killed, and wishing to start again Dinah moved permanently to Earth-1 where he joined the Justice League of America.

JLA members remained constant from the Silver Age to the Bronze Age. The Justice League then move to the orbital station Atalaya, when Snapper Carr unknowingly endangered the location of the Refuge. The JLA satellite was placed in a geostationary orbit about 22.300 miles above Earth. the possible alliances between the teams of the JLA and JSA highlighted the return of other heroes of the Golden Age, as the 7 Soldiers of Victory, the Freedom Fighters, Infinity Inc and the Young All-Stars. The JLA and JSA had an adventure on a journey in time alongside the Legion of Superheroes caused by the supervillain Mordru.

During the 1970s, Elongated Man, Red Tornado, Hawkgirl and Zatanna officially join the JLA. Phantom Stranger officially joined the Justice League during this time and although its active state was barely noticeable, hardly appeared as a stranger to most, appeared in the events of cosmic character. In 1980, Firestorm was the last recruit of the list of the Justice League. In 1983, Batman would give up because of the refusal of the team to embark on a rescue mission in the JLA to Markovia. Batman then form his own team called the Outsiders.

The list of the Justice League held this membership through the 80's to the events of a Martian invasion occurred in the pages of Justice League of America Vol.1 # 228 to # 230. Following repel the invasion, the JLA satellite was severely damaged, its members were demoralized and dejected, had questioned the team's future. Aquaman decided to adopt a posture in which the JLA needed full-time it would leave you with little chance to fulfill their obligations of their civil identity. The result was the departure of several members and the end of this list.

The Justice League Detroit

After the eventual dissolution of the team members who stayed were Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Zatanna and Elongated Man. In the number of Justice League of America Annual Vol.1 # 2, Aquaman had reorganized the League. In turn they managed to unite new members, as Commander Steel, Vibe, Gypsy and Vixen. The team installed its new base in an industrial complex in Detroit, this barracks, which was nicknamed the bunker was sponsored by the grandfather of Commander Steel (and former hero with that identity), Hank Heywood.

Aquaman eventually have to leave the group to return to his duties in Atlantis leaving the Martian Manhunter as a replacement taking the lead. After the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, the team was expelled from the bunker after a disagreement between Commander Steel and grandfather, the owner of the property. The Justice League would move to its original location, the Refuge. After leaving the Outsiders, Batman became provisional president of the Justice League for a brief period. After the time he was Batman with the team, the role of president would hands Martian Manhunter. Some time later, Zatanna leave the JLA after its merger with divinity.

The rest of the JLA remained active until the story arc of the Legends saga. In a plot to dominate the Earth, Darkseid sent to Glorious Godfrey to Earth in human form named G. Gordon Godfrey to destroy the popularity of superheroes. Darkseid had ordered Desaad to create a Brimston to manipulate several heroes that conflict on Earth to be caused by these heroes. After the Justice League was defeated by the Brimston, Elongated Man renounce the Justice League as a result of these events.

Then, the Martian Manhunter dissolved the team in response to a presidential order banning superheroes. During this event, an old enemy of the JLA, Professor Ivo, all members attacked with android duplicate of himself. Vibe was killed by one of these androids when he thought had defeated him. Of Commander Steel had been in a coma and being between life and after destroying one of his androids death. Gypsy escaped from one of these androids and return to his family. Detective Marciano and Vixen destroyed the rest of the androids and Professor Ivo held in custody. Vixen decided to forego the Justice League Martian Manhunter staying as the only member. He said, "The League must continue."