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Kimono Costumes

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The kimono or quimono (着 物?) Is the traditional Japanese dress, the garment was commonly used until the early postwar years. The Japanese term mono means "thing" and ki comes from kiru, 'dress, wear'.

Kimonos reach the lower parts of the body, neck collars "tita" and wide sleeves. There are several types of kimonos worn by men, women and children. The cut, color, fabric and decorations vary according to sex, age, marital status, time of year and occasion. The kimono dress covering the body in surrounding form and fastened with a wide belt called obi.

Formerly, the kimono was made from a rustic material, but when Japan was influence by the Chinese and Korean culture, silk was introduced, making the kimono was a sumptuous costume.

Currently, most Japanese use western clothes but tend to wear kimonos on special occasions such as weddings, ceremonies and traditional festivals.

Accessories to accompany the kimono are the geta (wooden slippers) or zori (low sandals made of cotton and leather) and tabi (traditional socks that separate the thumb of the other fingers finger to wedge sandal).

Fans kimonos in Japan they even take courses to learn how to put on a kimono properly. The classes cover the election according to the season, frames and shapes to choose according to each occasion, the combination of underwear and accessories kimono, training to locate each underwear sending subtle messages, and selection obi and testing, among other topics. There are also clubs devoted to kimono culture, such as Kimono Ginza.