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NightWing Costumes

Nightwing is the title of a series of comic publications published by the US-American publishing house DC Comics since 1995.

Nightwing is the old Robin. But nowadays as a nightwing in a city, Gotham is responsible for law and order.

The Nightwing comics are a mixture of adventure, detective and superhelden comic. In addition, science fiction elements are emphasized in different ways.

The popularity of the Nightwing comics has also led to the adaptation of numerous merchandising products based on them. For example, there are nightwing t-shirts, action figures and refrigerator magnets, and even a nightwing-themed roller coaster in the "Six Flags" parks belonging to the Time Warner group. A filming of the nightwing fabric has been planned by Warner Brothers for years, but has not reached pre-production stages (creation of exposés and scripts).

The first edition of the Nightwing series, which is still ongoing today, was launched in 1996. Since then Nightwing appears in the USA in monthly rhythm. So far the series has reached a little over 130 issues (2007). Since its launch, the series has been one of the best-selling comics series in the DC publisher's program, with regular placements in the Top 50 of the best-selling Comichefte in the monthly sales charts of the Wizard magazine.

Nightwing is a series of comics around the criminal batman Batman, in which nightwings alter ego Dick Grayson had originally appeared as Batman's companion Robin decade as co-star of the series. After the makers of the Batman series had decided in 1969 to let Robin grow up and send him to college, later authors in 1983 finally drew the consequence of this development and left Grayson his identity as Robin finally to his own independent personality bathed by Batman As a detective and criminal hunter Nightwing. The Nightwing character proved to be one of the main characters of the adventure series "Titans" with the time as so popular that the DC publishing house after a moderately successful, by the British author Alan Grant, Special 1995 (Nightwing: Alfred's Return) and an extreme ( "Nightwing: The Ties That Bind # 1-4"), which was written by Dennis O'Neil in 1995/96, decided to devote a series to the character. Among the authors who wrote in the past for the ongoing Nightwing series include Chuck Dixon, Devin Grayson and Marv Wolfman. The illustrators who could be involved in the series include Scott McDaniel and Greg Land. Nightwing and Batman are still working together in Gotham, even though their separation throws a light shadow over their friendship.

Nightwing tells the adventures of the adventurer Richard "Dick" Grayson, who in his camouflage identity as "nightwing" experienced numerous adventures. Originally the fictional city of Bluedhaven (phonetically based on bloodhaven) on the North East coast, where Grayson originally came to the scene of a murder series, but decides permanently to stay there in the city of crimes and corruption Addressing their problems. With the # 101 edition, the series was relocated to New York City, after Nightwing's final scoundrels of the first 100 copies, the criminals Roland Desmond aka Blockbuster, have finally been able to pull down, and almost all his friends in Blued- haven have to deal with a fateful misfortune Life come.

Nightwings' adventures revolve around traditional detective themes such as the elucidation of murders and burglaries, the investigation of a corrupt police officer, social-critical issues such as the confrontation with the American city ghetto, the sociopath and the mental disorder, and adventures such as traveling to a gorilla-inhabited African city Jungle. In parallel, however, the intra-personal aspects of the main figure and their gradual maturity are emphasized as an independent personality. In issue # 1 of the series Grayson enters an apartment house in Blüdhaven, whose inhabitants form the core of the ensemble of the side figures of the series. He starts to work as a bartender. In later editions of the series, Grayson visits the police academy and becomes an official at the Bluedhaven Police Department (BHPD), but later relinquishes this job in favor of a life as a private individual.

A first variant of the nightwing fabric, which later became the model for the nightwing stories around Dick Grayson, was developed into the science fiction comic Superman in the 1960s.

In Superman's "Superman in Kandor" issue # 158, published in January 1963, author Edmond Hamilton and draftsman Curt Swan introduced a new identity to Supermans: In this issue, Superman travels through a diminution beam into the world of an evil one Alien named Brainiac shrunken, extraterrestrial city of Kandor. Kandor, who is kept by Superman in a bottle in his arctic refuge, the Fortress of Loneliness, will find, as he must find, all sorts of crimes. To cover this, Superman dresses himself in a futuristic black-gray-blue costume and, as a nightwalker, hunts the hunts of the shrunken city.

The Nightwing identity is a clear imitation of the camouflage identity of Superman's friend Batman. Superman is supported on this - and a series of other - adventures in Kandor by his young friend Jimmy Olsen, who imitates Batman's junior partner Robin - the Tarnidentity of Nightwings dazzling assistant Flamebird. In a later story, Superman's cousin Van Zee takes the Nightwing identity from him (Superman Family # 181 of May 1977) while Ak-Var takes the Flamebird identity.

In a later version, Superman, on the other hand, has never been a nightwing, but only knows it as a historical crime-fighter in the history books of his defeated hometown Krypton. Within the modern Superman and Nightwing comics, it was variously explained that Dick Grayson, after he gave up his identity as Batman's partner Robin, turned to Superman in search of a new "superhelden identity", which gave him the "legend." Of Nightwing "and caused Grayson to have adopted the name and disguise of Nightwing (or a similar disguise).

Other Superman adventures in which the "Man of Steel" act in his disguise as Nightwing are found in Jimmy Olsen # 69 of 1963 (introduction of Nightwings Dog Nighthound), World's Finest # 143 of 1964 (Superman and Olsen travel together with Batman and Robin to Kandor).