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Overwatch Costumes

Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter of the US game developer Blizzard Entertainment. The computer game is the fourth fantasy universe of Blizzard, after Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo. Overwatch was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 24, 2016. Since then, new content pops have been released at regular intervals.

In 2007, Blizzard hosted forums on a new MMORPG, as Blizzard's site saw job advertisements. Blizzard confirmed that the tenders were genuine and that the game would not be an extension to World of Warcraft but a completely new universe. In November 2010, a timely schedule was published, which, among other games of Blizzard, also represents the game Titan with a release in 2013. In 2010, Blizzard's CEO Michael Morhaime said that Blizzard has learned from World of Warcraft and that this knowledge is needed for Titan. He also believed that Titan and World of Warcraft could be together in the MMORPG market because Titan will open up a completely new genre for the gaming industry. In March 2011 Blizzard confirmed that the game is already playable internally and is planned for the next ten years. In September 2012 about 100 developers worked on Titan.

On May 28, 2013, it was announced that the Titan team would be restructured. 70% of the designers will switch to World of Warcraft, Diablo III and StarCraft II. In addition, the secret planned publication period was moved backwards. In August 2013, Morhaime confirmed that the game was going to be a new direction and it was normal for Blizzard to have a long game. On September 23, 2014, it was announced that Project Titan is no longer under development.

"We did not find the fun. We did not find the passion. We're talking about how we're doing it. The answer is no. "

"We did not find the fun. We have not found the passion. We talked about how we can recreate the game, and we asked ourselves if it was the game we really wanted to make. The answer is no. "

Mike Morhaime, CEO of Blizzard Entertainment

Shortly after this announcement several game details were announced. Thus, Titan should be an MMORPG and the action should take place on a future earth. On the day you should do jobs, while you had to defeat enemies in the night. The game details were released by former Blizzard developers, but were never officially confirmed.

Overwatch was officially presented on the occasion of BlizzCon on November 7, 2014. Blizzard confirmed that many of Overwatch's themes were from Titan, and Titan's game had evolved. Thus some cards and heroes from Titan were taken. First, the idea was to offer the game as a free-to-play game supported by micro-payments. This business model is also used at Blizzards Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. At BlizzCon 2015, however, Blizzard confirmed that the game would not be free-to-play because it would not work in game.

The closed beta started on October 27, 2015, and ended on April 25, 2016. 8 million people registered for their participation by the beginning of 2016. The open beta started on 5 May 2016, for pre-buyers on 3 May 2016, and ended on 10 May 2016. A total of 9.7 million players participated in the open beta. The game was released on May 24, 2016.

Overwatch is available as "Standard Version", "Origins Edition" and "Collector's Edition". The Origins Edition offers five additional hero kins, as well as cosmetic additions to the World of Warcraft games, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm and StarCraft II "Noire Widowmaker", which is to be redeemed as an enclosed code and is not released directly in the game. The Collector's Edition includes all the contents of the Origins Edition and comes with an illustrated companion, the official soundtrack and a statue of Soldier: 76, which has a height of 32.5 centimeters.

Already in the release, Blizzard announced that a competing multiplayer (say: a ranked system, similar to Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft) should be integrated into the game, which was available for the first time in the closed beta. For the final release, some improvements were announced and adopted. The competitive multiplayer mode was postponed after the release on June 29, 2016 with a patch and released.

In the UK, the title reached # 1 of the sales charts in the release week, making Blizzard the best-selling console title ever.

One week after the release, Overwatch was already able to show seven million players, while the game had 10 million players two weeks after its release.

In August 2016 Overwatch reached a player range of over 15 million players.