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Spirited Away (千 と 千尋 の 神 隠 し, Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi ?, literally "Kamikakushi Sen and Chihiro") is a Japanese animated film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli, released in 2001 .

The film tells the story of Chihiro, a ten year old girl who, when she visits family in her new home into the spirit world. After the transformation of its pigs parents through Yubaba witch, Chihiro takes a job in Yubaba of bathhouse to find her parents and the human world.

Miyazaki wrote the script, inspired by the daughter of his associate producer Seiji Okuda who comes to visit him every summer. He develops several themes that are dear to him, the integration of the collective work, the journey of initiation March, repairing with the ancestral values ​​(including Shinto) and the danger of modern society for nature and traditions. Chihiro production begins in 2000 with a budget of $ 19 million. The composition of the soundtrack is entrusted to Joe Hisaishi.

Spirited Away is the most successful in the history of Japanese cinema, with 23 million people in Japan and $ 274 million in revenue worldwide. Acclaimed by critics, the film is considered one of the best 2000s he won several awards, including the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and the Golden Bear for best film in 2002.

Chihiro Ogino (? 荻 野 千尋, Chihiro Ogino), ten years, sulking in the back of the car his parents; they decided to move to the country, and the girl regretted his old school. In seeking to join their new home, they are lost after a winding road and come to a tunnel. The crossing, despite the reluctance of frightened Chihiro, they arrive in what they think is an abandoned theme park. Sensing the smell of food, they join an empty stall full of victuals, and the girl's parents settled; planning to pay on leaving, they begin to eat greedily. Annoyed by their behavior, Chihiro share explore the abandoned village and is at the entrance to a bridge leading to a palace baths. There, a young boy warns him to leave quickly before sunset.

As night falls quickly, Chihiro runs to find his parents, but discovers with horror that they were transformed into pigs. Increasingly distraught, the girl fled into the streets where dozens of shadows come to life, but a large body of water now blocking the way back. A large light boat covers, which descend hundreds of kami and youkai, while Chihiro realizes she is becoming transparent. It starts huddling in a corner where the boy is found; he forces her to swallow some food from the spirit world to prevent him to disappear and hide from view the Yu-bird, a raptor head witch, who patrols. He then takes over the bridge leading to the palace, trying to hide the minds and staff. Posing as Haku, he seems to know long Chihiro, and advises him to find Kamaji down, the heating, to find work. So the witch proprietress of the place, Yubaba, will not turn into an animal.

After going down several steep stairs, Chihiro is found in the boiler room where Kamaji works, an old man with six extendable arms, accompanied by swarthy transporting coal. It asks the heating engineer if he could give him work, but the latter, who is responsible for preparing the bath salts and send hot water, told him not to need extra help. Presenting it as his granddaughter, he confided to a young woman who brings him food for her in this Yubaba. After several lifts, Chihiro finds herself alone on the top floor of the palace, his companion who had to stay down to resume work. A series of doors and corridors leading to the office where the witch is waiting. Yubaba asks the girl to know who helped her achieve so far, but this is merely asking him work. As the witch tries to intimidate to make it give up, Bo, the baby giant, wakes up and makes the racket, which gives Chihiro a chance to be promised to be hired. Once the contract is signed, Yubaba steals three kanji of his name and renamed Sen (千?); she called Haku, who happens to be his apprentice, and ask him to oversee. The latter, which now appears cold and authoritarian, entrusts as assistant to Lin, the young woman who accompanied the witch. The latter accepts reluctantly to take her under his wing, but quickly proves to be friendly towards the child, causing the dormitory and providing its new work clothes.

In the morning, Haku Sen wakes and gives him an appointment to bring him to his parents; crossing the bridge, the girl crosses a Faceless who seems interested in her. Again become friendly, the young apprentice leads him to the barn, but Akio and Yuko Ogino now pigs are simple with no memory of their life. Sen promises to return and save them fled in tears. Haku console and makes him his old clothes and written farewell card by comrades from his old school, where surprise, she reads her former name she had forgotten. His companion explained that Yubaba control by flying people their names and must keep it secret; itself can not escape, having lost his memory and forgot his, but strangely Chihiro remembers. Before returning to finish his night in the boiler room, Sen sees a dragon fly away.

While the first working day begins, and Lin Sen ordered to take care of the great bath, very dirty because reserved for the dirtiest guests. In his book, seeing the Faceless outside in the rain, the girl let him in. The latter, using his ability to make himself invisible, assistance in obtaining a plate to send to the boiler to run a bath with herbs, the foreman would not give it to facilitate their cleaning work. While Lin went to get lunch, he reappears and hands him several wafers that he stole before disappearing. Soon after, Yuababa and all employees are in turmoil: a putrid mind goes to the palace, spreading a horrible smell in its path. Sen ordered to take him to the deep end and take care of him. The girl uses other platelets to refill the bath as the host broke, but falls into it. She realizes when something exceeds the body of his client, and starts to pull over soon helped by Lin and all other employees with a rope provided by Yubaba who understood the true nature of the spirit, guardian of a large polluted river. The latter, freed from all the rubbish that encumbered, thank Sen giving it a bitter ball, before leaving, not without leaving many gold nuggets on the ground, which delights the witch and its employees.

At night, a frog employee comes to see near the deep end if he does not rest forgotten nuggets; the Faceless, able to bring up the golden nuggets, trap and swallows. Using the voice of the frog, the mind then asks for food, showing more and more chips. Meanwhile, Sen dream that bitter pellet would make human form to her parents, but she can not identify them among all other pigs. Upon awakening, she realizes that all employees have already raised: everybody is busy preparing food and to convey the Faceless, become monstrously big, and that demands more and more food, throwing chips all around him from his bath. Not interested in gold, the girl goes on a balcony to see the sea around the palace which rose again, and notice the dragon she had seen attacked by hundreds of paper birds. Having the intuition that it is Haku, she called him to come take refuge, and closes the window to block the attackers who leave, but one that sticks quietly behind him. While the dragon back somehow to the top of the palace, Sen ran to get help, and falls on the Faceless surrounded and acclaimed by all employees; he tries to give him gold, but she politely rejects, saying she is pressed. Furious, the mind begins to swallow employees, creating panic.

Sen manages to find a ladder leading to the upper floors, and comes in Bo's room, where she hears the witch ask his minions, three bouncy heads appointed Kashira, get rid of Haku she no longer needs before returning. The girl was just time to hide in a pile of cushions before Yubaba passes through the room to slip away, but the baby is interested in her and will not let her go. Managing to scare him with the dragon's blood on her hands, she rushes to help Haku, but is attacked by the Yu-bird. The bird of paper in his back then shows a hologram of Zeniba, twin sister Yubaba that turns into big mouse Bo, Yu-bird to bird and Kashira in Bo. She tells Sen Haku stole a magical artifact and has condemned the magical protection of it. The dragon comes to life and destroyed the bird of paper, removing Zeniba, before falling into a dungeon, the girl hanging on his neck. With the last strength he has left, he leads them to the boiler Kamaji and Sen made him swallow a force half the bitter ball, making him throw the artifact and take human form. While Haku is still unconscious, Sen decides to leave home Zeniba to restore its good and ask for help. Kamaji gives her train tickets and tells him off, warning that the line is one-sided.

Lin arises; Yubaba discovered that Sen had let enter the Faceless, who wishes to see her. The witch can not control the monster, and asked the little girl, always accompanied by Bo and Yu-bird transformed it does not recognize, to care for. The mind is upset not to be able to offer that it would spoil what it needs; driven by frustration and loneliness, he is about to devour Sen, but it feeds him the rest of the bitter ball, making him vomit and makes him furious. It continues the girl through the palace, the regurgitant As everything he swallowed, including employees, and eventually return to its original shape. Sen took the opportunity, with the help of Lin, to the railway station, following the way of submerged railway, to take the train with her two small companions and the Faceless, reassured, who decided to go with them. On the palate, Yubaba is furious that the bazaar was set and trailing Sen; in revenge, she wants to sacrifice his parents, but Haku, who woke up, tells her that her baby was substituted and taken in Zeniba. The boy made him promise to free the girl and her parents if he brings him Bo.

After a long journey, and while it's dark Sen comes to his companions in Zeniba hosting them. The girl makes him the artifact apologizing for Haku, and the witch explains that according to the rules of this world, it will have to rely only on itself to save the young man and his parents; However, it offered a charming protection in the form of an elastic hair she just weave with the help of No-Face, Bo and Yu-bird. At dawn, Haku comes in the shape of dragon, and they leave flying on his back, except Faceless decides to stay home Zeniba as assistant. During the trip, Sen recalls that younger, she had fallen into a now underground river named Kohaku. It includes the boy, she had the intuition to know for a long time, is actually the spirit of the river, which was then saved by bringing in shallow waters. Remembering his real name, Haku is now free, and resumed his human form; they fly both hand in hand to the bridge of the palace where Yubaba expect. A final test awaits Sen: she must find her parents from a dozen pigs. Bo takes his baby form, and having much matured during his adventure, scolded his mother asking him not to mourn his traveling companion. The latter accepts the test and guess, to the cheers of employees, that his parents are not among the pigs presented. His employment contract is destroyed, freeing it from its existence as Sen Haku and accompanying to the border area of ​​the witch where water has now gone. The two children leave, promising to meet again, and the girl joined his parents who are waiting at the entrance of the tunnel and are not to report anything. Once back to their car, they realize it is covered with vegetation and dust; Chihiro wonders if her experience was real, but in his hair, the lucky throws of Zeniba a shine.