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Starry☆Sky Costumes

Starry☆Sky, known as Sta ☆ Ska (ス タ ☆ ス カ Suta ☆ Suka?) In Japan, is a game otome developed by HoneyBee in 2009. It is separated into four parts, which pass each in a different season, and It is containing three guys in each delivery, making a total of twelve. It was well received in Japan so it was adapted to anime.

Yahisa Tsukiko is the only woman Seigatsu Academy, a school that was exclusively for boys before. She is a classmate of his childhood friends, Nanami Kanata and Suzuya Tohzuki, who help and support constantly. Throughout the games, a friend of several other men whose personalities are based on the zodiac signs is made.

In the first game, Starry ☆ Sky ~ in Spring ~, not long after Tsukiko Yahisa (the protagonist) was transferred to the Academy Seigatsu comes a boy named Yoh Tomoe half French, who begins to approach her. This causes the emotions of Kanata and Suzuya wake as they have been in love with Tsukiko from forever.

In the second game, Starry ☆ Sky ~ in Summer ~, Tsukiko joins the club archery school. She practices for the summer competition and at the same time, solve the problems between teammates (Homare Kanakubo, Miyaji Ryunosuke and Azusa Kinose) .

In the third game, Starry ☆ Sky ~ in Autumn ~, Tsukiko becomes involved with three school teachers: Iku Mizushima, Naoshi Haruki, and Kotarou Hoshizuki.

The last game, Starry ☆ Sky in Winter ~ ~, Tsukiko observe participation as a secretary in the student council, which includes Tsubasa Amaha, Kazuki Shiranui, and Hayato Aozora.

Yahisa Tsukiko (夜 久 月 子 (ヤ ヒ サ ツ キ コ) Yahisa Tsukiko?) Is 16

Tsukiko is the heroine of all Starry ☆ Sky games, although his name may be changed by the player. It is the first woman student and attends the Academy Seigatsu second year. It seems to be somewhat forgetful. Tsukiko can become somewhat distracted and naive on several occasions, but can also asociarselo to being very innocent and not being able to read well amorous situations or when peers is jealous. According to several of the boys his tea is horrible but still drink it and like she prepared it. Tsukiko shows great determination and a smile all the time, why has conquered and influenced their peers unconsciously.

Spring / Spring

Yoh Tomoe (土 萌 羊 Tomoe me?)

Yoh represents the sign Capricorn. Its name in French is Henri Samuel Jean Aimee. Being French means, they mocked him as a child. He met Tsukiko as a child, and being the only one not laughing at him, fell in love with her. In his new high school is not interested in nothing more than to be with Tsukiko. This second year. He was born on January 12. Midorikawa Hikaru seiyuu is his.

Kanata Nanami (七 海 哉 太 Kanata Nanami?)

Kanata represents the sign Pisces. He has been friends with Tsukiko since childhood and has developed feelings for her. Kanata suffers from a terminal illness that leaves him in a lethargic state, why often skips classes and faints without reason. However, he refuses to seek medical help and often gets into school fights that worsen their health to protect Tsukiko. He gets along well with Kazuki which taught him to defend himself in fights and he wants to defend his people. This second year. He was born on March 18. His seiyuu is Tomokazu Sugita.

Suzuya Tohzuki (東 月 錫 也 Tōzuki Suzuya?)

Suzuya represents the sign Cancer. He's friends with Tsukiko and Kanata since childhood and does as a mother. He is very good at cooking and often use the school kitchen to prepare food for his friends. Suzuya is also in love with Tsukiko, but because he knows that Kanata also loves her, he restrained himself. It is not well liked by Kazuki. This second year. He was born on July 1. His seiyuu is Daisuke Ono.

Summer / Summer

Homare Kanakubo (金 久保 誉 Kanakubo Homare?)

Homare represents the sign Taurus. He is captain of the archery club. He is openly friendly and often settles arguments between Ryunosuke and Azusa, but is likely to feel pressured by the success of the archery club. This third year. He was born on May 14. His seiyuu is Hoshi Soichiro.

Ryunosuke Miyaji (宮 地 龍之介 Ryūnosuke Miyaji?)

Ryunosuke represents the sign Scorpio He is the sub-captain of the archery club. He seems to be serious and quiet, but hides a penchant for sweets. Ryunosuke has remained attentive to Tsukiko since he saw for the first time. eventually falls in love with her, this is confirmed in chapter 22, when the repeats that are rivals and remained in a draw because the states that did not lose but neither did she, closing this chapter narrating their rivalry in a short time It would become love. It is in the second year. He was born on November 3. His seiyuu is Kamija Hiroshi.

Azusa Kinose (木 ノ 瀬 梓 Kinose Azusa?)

Azusa represents the sign Sagittarius. Although a newcomer to the archery club, knew Tsukiko before and inspired to be better at it. He is arrogant and sure of himself, to be successful in any sport he tried he was declared as a natural genius, although in reality it is the insecurity of their skills, because you can not put your heart into anything. Azusa often flirts with Tsukiko and his actions make annoy Ryunosuke a lot. It is a childhood friend of Tsubasa Amaha. This first year. He was born on December 20. His seiyuu is Fukuyama Jun.

Autumn / Fall

Iku Mizushima (水 嶋 郁 Mizushima Iku?)

Iku represents the sign Gemini. It is the teacher and friend of the school nurse, Kotarou, since they were children. Iku Yui and her twin sister were born in poor health, and Yui died while they were in high school. Previously, he was the singer of a band, but destroyed his voice work overload due to the pain of the death of his sister. The band members were using it to make money and fired him when he could no longer sing. Iku lost confidence worldwide, but Tsukiko helped him recover. He was born on June 9. His seiyuu is Kouji Yusa.

Naoshi Haruki (陽 日 直 獅 Haruki Naoshi?)

Naoshi represents the sign Leo. He is Professor Tsukiko salon and adviser archery club. He is energetic and enjoy the "youth" of high school because high school he spent mostly studying, and so, many students can not take it seriously and often play pranks on him. He was born on August 11. His seiyuu is Kishio Daisuke.

Kotarou Hoshizuki (星月 琥 太郎 Hoshizuki Kotarō?)

Kotarou represents the sign Libra. He is the school nurse who had ambitions to become a doctor. Iku's sister, Yui, I felt something for him, but after his death Kotarou blamed for not being able to save her. His father is the principal of the school, but after the retirement of his father, the position gave it to Kotarou sister, Koharu. However, he finished obtaining the position because Koharu wanted to work abroad. He was born on October 13. His seiyuu is Akira Ishida.

Winter / Winter

Tsubasa Amaha (Amaha 天羽 翼 Tsubasa?)

Tsubasa represents the Aquarius sign. He is an officer of the student council. Often it illuminates the atmosphere in the student council. However, it is emotionally unstable. At a very young age he was abandoned by his parents divorced. He was picked up by his grandparents on his mother. When Tsubasa was young, he spent much time with her grandfather often made inventions together. Even now, Tsubasa still likes to invent things. The last wish of his grandfather, who made him promise to Tsubasa, is the care of her grandmother. Tsubasa's grandmother sent him to school, and has since Tsubasa likes to be alone. He thinks being alone is better than being with people because you are afraid of losing things that are important to him. This first year. He met Azusa when they were children, and became an important person for him because Azusa was the one who said it was unique. He was born on February 3. His seiyuu is Suzumura Ken'ichi.

Kazuki Shiranui (Shiranui 不知 火 一 樹 Kazuki?)

Kazuki represents the sign Aries. It has the power to see the future. His parents died in an accident when he was little. He is the student council president. He repeated one year since Ooshirou had prevented an accident, injuring him and the recovery could not finish the school year. He taught Kanata Nanami to defend itself in fights. It is in the third year. It is arrogant and presumptuous to be the student body president. Tsubasa tells Nuinui. feelings for Tsukiko because when they were children she rescued her heart of unhappiness and helped him smile again, were childhood friends but had to leave her that according to hurt anyone who approached him, promising that he was going to protect and reunite when pretend as if it were the first time he met her. He was born on April 19. His seiyuu is Yuu'ichi Nakamura.

Hayato Aozora (青 空 颯 斗 Aozora Hayato?)

Hayato represents the sign Virgo. He is the vice-president of the student council. It is in the second year and also plays the piano. During Christmas, it is said that hates Christmas and does not believe in santa or gifts or anything like that. Its large complex is that he wants to be recognized for his family ignored him so much that not even call it by name. The reason is because his older brother and sister are all pianists genius as he was never as good as them and therefore the bastard son of the family was. It has a little yanderes trends. He was born on September 15. His seiyuu is Hirakawa Daisuke.