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Suicide Squad Costumes

Suicide Squad, also known as Task Force X is the name of two organizations DC Comics universe. The first version debuted in The Brave and the Bold (vol. 1) # 25 (1959) and the second group debuted in Legends # 3 (1986). The original Suicide Squad had a retcon to form a connection between the two squads. The current Suicide Squad (created by John Ostrander) is a team of anti-heroes, villains imprisoned comprised of working for the government of the United States, taking high-risk missions in exchange for switch part of their sentences.

During World War II, a group of undisciplined and disrespectful met soldiers to fight and play in undercover for the government of the United States missions. The original team spent much of his tour of duty on the island of Dinosaurs. These soldiers (considered disposable) were dubbed Squadron Suicida.

Later, during the war, another team was assembled and directed by Captain Richard Montgomery Flag. In his first mission, he was the sole survivor Flag and returned to reactivate the Suicide Squad as a quartet of adventurers superpowers that faced opponents that if they had superhuman abilities. Then in Secret Origins Annual # 1, it was established that the team, in its earliest incarnation, specifically formed to fight a monstrous threat and as a replacement of the Justice Society of America, whose members had withdrawn mostly following unfair during the McCarthy era accusations. In the last mission of the team, Evans Bright dies and is captured by the forces of the Soviet Union and becomes the bionic monster "Koshchei". Grace and Flag separate, even though she was expecting a child by him (secretly). Bright he used his engineering expertise to assist in the creation of the "Rocket Red Brigade" and lent a hand to the nation of Qurac in assembling his team metahumano Jihad. Grace's son secretly gave Rick a family adoptiva.2 After Rick was sent to infiltrate the unsung heroes as a spy for the government.3 Finally, Flag sacrificed to stop the nemesis of former Blackhawks, * Shiva

Second Squadron (Post-Crisis)

The second incarnation of the Suicide Squad is a group of supervillains hired by the government to carry out missions that were classified as a suicide by the complexity of them. They were often paired together with the government agency Checkmate, culminating in the crossover Jano Directiva.5 These villains agreed to take on missions for the Suicide Squad in exchange for commuting their sentences. Although the team was successful in most missions, there were often failures or death of one or more members. Members no prisoners as Nemesis and Nightshade participate in the team as part of individual agreements.

To prevent members escaping in the field, prisoners were shackled with an explosive bracelet that detonates at a certain distance from the field leader, who was typically Rick Flag who was carrying a remote control to detonate or disable bracelets if he wished. The martial artist named Bronze Tiger acts as a disciplinary measure and later, after the death of Rick Flag, 6 as field leader of the team. The group is run by Amanda Waller 7 although sometimes acts covertly, especially after the existence of the Suicide Squad was made public. Finally, the Suicide Squad is separated from government control and becomes an independent organization.

The first mission of the Suicide Squad is against their recurrent enemies Jihad. They infiltrate at its headquarters (the Jotunheim strength in Qurac) and proceed to kill most of the members of Onslaught. In this event he revealed the death of Mindboggler, cowardly and treacherous nature of Captain Boomerang, attracting Night on Rick Flag Jr., a rivalry between Rustam and Rick and Ravan defeat at the hands of Bronze Tiger.8 By Derek Tolliver order, the Suicide Squad is sent to Moscow to free the captive Zoya Trigorin, a revolutionary writer. They face to face with the "People's Heroes", a Russian group metahumanos face. In the conflict, Trigorin dies and Nemesis (Tom Tresser) is captured. Finally Nemesis thanks to a partnership between the Suicide Squad and the Justice League International escapes, although the two teams fighting each other inicialmente.9 This conflict is primarily the result of research in the Suicide Squad Batman and his confrontation with Waller .

Later Rick Flag Jr will by Senator Cray order to assassinate him. Previously, Senator Cray had blackmailed Amanda Waller, to ensure his re-election, Cray threatened to exponder the Suicide Squad to the public, something potentially dangerous for the existence of the Squad and Waller's career. In order to stop, the squadron sent to Deadshot to face Flag bit before you can shoot Cray, but too late to prevent the murder, Tolliver killed in Suicide Squad (vol. 1) # 21. Instead of disarming or killing Flag, Deadshot opts to kill Cray. In his view maintains mission statement: preventing Cray's murder at the hands of Flag. Flag intentions against Jr., the Suicide Squad is exposed to the public. As a result of the exposure, Amanda Waller is replaced by a man named Jack Kale, in fact, an actor, working as a cover for Waller to continue coordinating the squad.

In Suicide Squad (vol.1) # 66 Waller dissolves the Suicide Squad. However, Waller Squadron meets again in Chase # 2 (March 1998). Bolt is made, Sledge, Killer Frost and Copperhead who fulfill a mission to South America. The Hawk and Dove superheroes (Sasha Martens and Wiley Wolverman) face a new Suicide Squad.

Later, Lex Luthor, organizes another Suicide Squad during his tenure as President of the United States10 so that they can release Doomsday and face Imperiex. This version of the team was led by Black Manchester, under the supervision of Steel. Doomsday apparently kills most of the Brigade after his release. Then Colonel Computron team defected and tried to contact Checkmate. He was killed by police shortly after Amanda Waller.

Batman brings a new team of The Outsiders to infiltrate the criminal underworld when the disappearance of the villains becomes more and more worrisome. In Suicide Squad Vol.2 # 2 (November 2007) Rick Flag returns to active duty in the squad. He has survived his apparent death in Bialya to be transported to the world of Skartaris with his enemy Rustam. Eventually he is rescued by the Squadron. Flag is received with two shocking news. The first is that his former employer and nemesis General Wade Eiling had transferred his mind to the villain Shaggy body. The second is that Rick Flag Jr. was an impostor. Eiling had implanted the false identity of Rick Flag Jr. in his mind before hiring time. Eiling also reveals that he had planted a post-hypnotic suggestion in the minds of Flag, which makes it ultimately loyal to Eiling. He eiling intended to kill Waller and take control of the group.

In Blackest Night, several dead reanimated as Black Lanterns were members of the Squad. Fiddler revives as a Black Lantern and travels to Belle Reve, seeking revenge for Deadshot, the man who killed him when he was a member of the Secret Six. The six have been attracted to Belle Reve by Amanda Waller in an attempt to remove them from the map and attach to Deadshot the organization of the Suicide Squad. The member of the squad, Yasemin, is killed by Deadshot and later resurrected as a Black Lantern.