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Tokimeki Memorial Only Love

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Tokimeki Memorial Only Love (と き め き メ モ リ ア ル Only Love Tokimeki Memoriaru Only Love?) Is a Japanese anime series produced by Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd., based on the popular video game series dating simulation Tokimeki Memorial, specifically in Tokimeki Memorial On-line. It premiered in Japan on October 3, 2006 on TV Tokyo, ending on March 27, 2007 after 25 episodes. The series was published on DVD including an additional episode (which takes place between episodes 17 and 18) and a special episode compilation for a total of 27 episodes.

When Riku Aoba a sophomore in high school he joined the Tsumugino had hoped that her life will change for the better after years of being transferred from school to school .... but never imagined becoming a real magnet for trouble. One day, being involved in an incident upset with his new teammates, Riku is chased through the halls until, at the right time, is rescued by Sayuri Amayima, the girl school model; So, what at first glance seem an ideal meeting was only the beginning of the real problems for Riku, whose routine now will revolve around not only the cold Sayuri, but also very cheerful Tsukasa Kasuga and Mina Yayoi dreamy.