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I was super excited for this cosplay. I thought it would be truly accurate to the character. The jacket is wonderful, but that's about where the wonder stops... The costume did not come with hakama pants and a backless top like the one Yoruichi wears. In fact, it also did not come with the sleeve pieces she wears, either. Instead the main body is a dress. Not only a dress though, a dress that is difficult to move in. Never in a million years would I be able to raise my leg the way I ought to while wearing it. The sleeves, are not at all that. They are fingerless gloves made of stretchy material. They stop at the wrist and don't travel up the arm whatsoever. This is not what I was expecting and I'm disappointed that this is what I paid so much for - I even did the custom sizing and I'm disappointed. reviews 2 rating Date Added: 07/25/2017
FINIALY CAME VERY GOOD QUALITY!! I got the sizes wrong a size too big but still feels ok ! Great product fast shipping only thing I didn't like is customer service in regards to none working emails and Facebook but good product ! reviews 5 rating Date Added: 07/25/2017
Love them! They fit well and arrived fairly quickly. They're also cheaper than on other sites. reviews 5 rating Date Added: 07/08/2017
I love this pikachu costume and it is so adorable. The fabric feels nice and I love the way how the hood was made with the ears on top. The best tailor made pikachu costume I have seen. However, I have one complaint. My tail is so long, it is around 100 CM long, and it was dragging on the floor. I had to always carry my tail so that no one would step on it and to prevent it from getting dirty. reviews 4 rating Date Added: 06/25/2017
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