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Busou Renkin Costumes

Busou Renkin Cosplay.(literally Arms Alchemy, Romanized as Buso Renkin) Busou Renkin follows Hero and Ordinary High-School Student Kazuki Muto, who is killed one night trying to protect a mysterious girl from a monster. However, to his surprise, he wakes up the next day, seemingly good as new. Turns out it wasn't a dream either when the girl, Tokiko Tsumura, shows up again, informing him that she felt responsible for his death and resurrected him with the power of Alchemy. From here on Kazuki discovers his own powers and, together with Tokiko, journeys into the world of Alchemists and their individual Renkin as they fight the monsters known as Homunculi. No, not the Fullmetal Alchemist kind, though there is definite overlap between the series theme-wise.