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Doctor Strange Costumes

Doctor Strange (Doctor Strange, also known in Latin as Doctor Centella) is a fictional cartoon character, a magician and Marvel Comics superhero. Created by writer and editor Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko, first he appeared in Strange Tales number 110 (July 1963). Two months before its creation, this name had been used by a different character from Marvel Comics.

Dr. Stephen Strange was the Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Comics universe until he lost his title in the Dark Reign crossover, although later it would recover after the death of Brother Voodoo (Voodoo Doctor, who served as the Sorcerer Supreme). He is responsible for defending the Marvel universe of mystical threats. He is a master of the mystic arts and uses her skills to fight evil wizards and other supernatural villains. It is also consulted by other superheroes on supernatural matters.

Marvel Studios had announced a film based on the character for November 4, 2016, located within its universe cinematográfico.1 will star Benedict Cumberbatch.

Stephen Strange is a specialist in neurosurgery, greedy and self-centered, physician until an accident suffered a nervous disease in his hands forced him to retire. When his father died, his brother went to visit him to remonstrate not having gone to the funeral that day. Stephen was with a girl, so his brother came out angry. It was snowing that night and there was an accident in which his brother died after being run over. Stephen made his body was cryogenically frozen until the day that science could revive.

One day he heard speak at a port about a Tibetan with powers, so he went to see him and he learned the mystic arts, helped his mentor "the Elder" who held the title of Sorcerer Supreme of this dimension, to repel all the evil mystic who want to cause harm to this dimension; He had clashes with his enemies, some traitors like Baron Mordo who wanted the title of Sorcerer Supreme, and managed to beat extra-dimensional mystical entities as Nightmare, Dormammu, among others.

From the first story residence Strange, the Sanctum Sanctorum, was a part of the mythology of the character, characterized by circular window divided by three scan lines on the front of the residence (actually is the hallmark of protection Vishanti). Strange's personal servant, Wong, guarded residence in his absence.

Often helped other superheroes like the Fantastic 4, he found the Norse god Thor, and adopted brother Loki, and supported Spiderman. In moments I had meetings with new cosmic and mystical entities as the "living tribunal" and "Umar" Dormammu's sister.

He decided to have a secret identity and a new suit though similar to the above but including an attached to the garment covering the whole head mask.

He helped the X-Men to beat Juggernaut and later appeared in comics with Namor and Hulk with those who decided to form a team called The Defenders, then Silver Surfer would join the team. Among his battles, the most highlighted this when the entity known as Shuma Gorath threatened to enter our reality through the mind of "Elder", Strange was forced to close the mind of the Ancient, causing physical death his mentor, however, said it was a necessary sacrifice and his soul merged with a cosmic entity Eternity. With the death of the venerable old man, Dr Strange assumed the title of Sorcerer Supreme and returned to his original costume.

Strange lost the title of "The Sorcerer Supreme" when he refused to fight a war on behalf of the Vishanti, mystical entities that allow their spells. During this time he became part of the "Midnight's Children", a group of supernatural characters, and Strange must find new sources of magical force of chaos. Also it forms the secret defenders: Spiderman, Spider-Woman, Wolverine, Hulk and Ghost Rider, then reunited with the original defenders and regain his title when he finished the war which had declined.

After the teams helped rid sometimes other heroes as members of the Fantastic 4, The Mole and the Human Torch, and became a secondary character in other comics.

Strange appeared as a minor character in the 2000s with The New Avengers, and formed a secret council called the Illuminati to address future threats to Earth. In the story that involves the introduction of a federal law Registration Superhuman dividing the superhero community, the popular series of Civil comics War, Strange opposes the registration office, but does not take an active part in the conflict, beyond of as it mentioned in the following publications comics at 7, according to his assistant and assented by himself, he could have easily stopped the war, when it was at its worst. Becomes a member of the New Avengers in secret refuge at his residence under an illusion Sanctum Sanctorum making it appear that is abandoned. The legislation was finally repealed.

Strange sought a successor Sorcerer Supreme after he had considered abused black magic to save the New Avengers death in a clash with a team of criminals. Decides to appoint Sorcerer Supreme voodoo brother who is sacrificed in order to stop the powerful mystical entity Agamotto to recover the eye. The next topic, guilt forces him to leave the New Avengers, but Luke Cage convinces him to stay and offered the team of his servant Wong to act as his housekeeper.

The Illuminati are gathered again, this time by T'Challa (Black Panther), seeing an incursion from another planet Earth was destroyed in a different universe, so discover that every eight hours a new incursion threatens to destroy the corresponding universes if one of the two Earths in raid is not destroyed, placing Dr. Strange and the rest of the team in the decision to destroy the planets in raid, leaving morality and humanity.