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Green Lantern Costumes

Green Lantern ( "Green Lantern") is an American comic strip created in 1940 and published by DC Comics editor.

Very old overpowered aliens have created and planted in all the universe of rings using "Will Force" regenerated by the Green Lantern. These rings are intended to beings without fear.

The name Green Lantern is worn by the heroes of this series but by secondary characters. All these characters derive their superpowered of a green ring (the hero recharge with a lantern, hence the name) that gives its bearer the power to materialize anything he wants (except wood for the first green Lantern of Earth and what is yellow for all others) with a kind of green energy, provided you have sufficient mental strength.

A Green Lantern, to join the "body" of the Green Lantern, must first be chosen by the ring, then take the oath:

"In broad daylight and in the dark night, no evil escapes my eye, All those who are worshipers of hatred, fear my power, Green Lantern's light !! "

The Justice League usually has a Green Lantern in its ranks.

The film adaptation, directed by Martin Campbell, was released on 10 August 2011 in France, with Ryan Reynolds in the role of Hal Jordan.

Originally called The Green Lantern, the character appears in issue 16 of All-American Comics in 1940. Alan Scott comes into possession of a magic lantern from which he forges a green ring. Thanks thereto, it can control the metal objects. The ring must be reloaded with the lantern every twenty-four hours. Thereafter, the powers of the ring will affect all materials except wood.

Alan Scott is a founding member of the Justice Society of America (JSA), a united group of superheroes. During the 1940s, he is entitled to his own periodical title, Green Lantern. But in the early 1950s, with the end of the golden age of comics, the character is abandoned with the end of the adventures of the JSA in Issue 57 of All-Star Comics in 1951.

He is believed to have operated in Gotham City in the 1940s is found in a new volume of 2012 Earth 2 # 2, where his homosexualité1 is revealed in the second comic book page, probably in response to future announced gay marriage Marvel.

Among the writers who worked on Green Lantern, there are 1942 to 1946 writer Alfred Bester.