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Kamisama Kiss Costumes

Kamisama Love Anba Cosplay Costume
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Kamisama Kiss (Japanese: 神様はじめました Hepburn: Kamisama Hajimemashita?, lit. "Began life as God" or "God, it has begun") is a Japanese manga series by Julietta Suzuki and serialized by Hakusensha in the shōjo manga magazine Hana to Yume. The series is licensed for regional release in North America by Viz Media as part of their Shojo Beat imprint. An anime adaptation has been produced by TMS Entertainment and directed by Akitaro Daichi and began airing in October 2012. It has been streamed by Funimation Entertainment in North America. A second season was announced and premiered during January 2015.

Nanami Momozono (桃園奈々生 Momozono Nanami?) Voiced by: Suzuko Mimori (Japanese); Tia Ballard A teenage girl whose father ran out on her because of his gambling debts; she was often mocked for her poverty by her classmates. She becomes the local land god after Mikage transfers his position over to her. Nanami begins with very little spiritual power, but she works hard at balancing her godly duties with her schoolwork and eventually becomes adept at purifying Tomoe within their present era, successfully nullifying his curse and becoming engaged to him after five hundred years of waiting. After Tomoe is turned into a fox she tries to stop Akura-oh from getting his Yokai body back and to save Okuninushi so she can ask him to turn Tomoe human. However, Nanami does not have time; she has only 6 months to live. This is because her life span was taken from her by Akura-ou. in the second season, Nanami became an expert using her only godly weapon,White talismans with which she can do many things as long as they don't exceed her in strength. She also used a 'shikigami' called Mamoru. He is in the shape of a small monkey that can fit in the palm of her hand but he can take the shape of a young boy. With him she is able to create barriers against evil can do various things that range from purification to banishing of Yokai

Tomoe (巴衛?) Voiced by: Shinnosuke Tachibana (Japanese); J. Michael Tatum A fox yokai who serves as the familiar of the land god, Mikage. When Nanami becomes the new land god, she makes a contract with Tomoe to turn him into her familiar, much to his displeasure. He is very hostile and condescending to Nanami at the start of the series, but this changes as the series progresses.

He has a very cynical, often mocking demeanor, partly because he is distrustful of others, but he can be very charming when the occasion demands it. He is also extremely powerful, and is apparently able to disable other familiars, independent demons and, as a Yokai, even some Deties without much effort. However, his power is restricted by Nanami's words; if she orders him to do something, he must comply. He can transform himself and others with enchanted leaves, but his real power lies in the use of his Fox-Fire which can hunt down any foe relentlessly and even manipulate other flames. Tomoe worries a great deal about Nanami and is very aware of how delicate she is as a human, threatening anyone who harms or speaks ill of her. Further within the manga, Nanami takes a journey to the past in order to save her beloved Tomoe from a deadly curse bestowed upon him after he formed a contract with a fallen god in order to live as a human. It is strongly emphasized that he was once in love with a human woman who was very sick named Yukiji; however, it is later revealed to be Nanami herself when time-traveling. When she arrived in the past Tomoe had been injured by some villagers. She rescued him and took care of him in the real Yukiji's house. She prevented anyone from telling him her real name, so when he asked the name who was caring for him, he was only told he was in the house of Yukiji.

It is often implied that he loves Nanami, such as doing random acts of kindness for her and refusing to kill in front of her. He often gets very jealous of other boys who hang around her. He is also very loyal to Nanami, as shown by him kissing her to seal their contract again after it had been broken. It is later revealed that he is just as in love with Nanami as she is in love with him, but Nanami is unaware of this fact because he already rejected her. After Nanami goes back in time to save him, he accepts his feelings for her and they renew their engagement that they made 500 years earlier. Soon after, Tomoe meets an old Shrine Maiden that he once met as a child and it frightens him how fast humans can grow old and die. He wants to become human so that he can grow old with Nanami. He takes a potion from Kurama which he mistakenly believes will turn him human but it is actually the Potion of Origin and he is turned into a fox. Nanami prepares to stop Akura-oh from regaining his body and to save the god Okuninushi so she can ask him to turn Tomoe human. Later Nanami receives a flower bud which will bloom when Tomoe learns how to feel affection for humans. If he were to eat the bloomed flower he would return to his normal form.