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Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Costumes

Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien Cosplay. Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien / Kiminozo was launched by the Japanese game company AGE on August 3, 2001 18 forbidden computer multiple love adventure game, referred to as "Jun Wang". After the launch in Japan popular, is also the company's fame for the company. After the launch in 2002, the Dreamcast version and in 2003 launched the PS2 version. July 25, 2003 launched DVD-ROM. June 25, 2004 launched the special edition "Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien ~ Special Fandisk ~".

Narumi Takayuki Billy College, third grade, gentle and considerate, but sometimes indecisive, with another protagonist, and the princess, who is a good friend. A time because of the introduction of the water under the hi has been known to him has a good sense of the cold palace away. Narumi Takayuki and "white album" in the winter Mi, "School Days" in the Ito Cheng, "Shuffle" Rin, was tied as "four slag king" (this is the domestic evaluation, different from the 11 area of ​​the " Epilepsy king. ")

Suzumiya Haruka likes the honesty of fairy tales and paintings.Like Narumi Takayuki for two years, and at Narumi Takayuki, and then confession. She has a variety of "legends". In the game there are "distant legend" one said. And Narumi Takayuki wanted to break up, but was later confessed by Narumi Takayuki, who became a recognized couple. The beginning of the second chapter, sleeping for 3 years she suddenly woke up. Just when she woke up she did not realize her condition and could not understand the fact that it had been for three years.

Hayase Mizuki belongs to the swimming department and has the strength of a professional team. Even the school built an indoor swimming pool for her. She has a lot of FANS, but there are people who feel bad about her strength. It was close to Narumi Takayuki and was liking to filial piety. She concealed the feelings while, while the distant introduction to Narumi Takayuki. In order to give yourself a break, in the birthday that day called Narumi Takayuki bought a ring to their own, but in the days of a traffic accident.

Suzumiya Akane. Suzumiya Haruka's sister, character like Hirose Moon White House students and members of the swimming department. Although the sight of the moon as the idol, but 3 years after the filial piety and the relationship between the watery months have a contemptuous attitude. Looks like she also likes Suzumiya Haruka.