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Lucky Dog1 Costumes

Lucky Dog1 Cosplay. Lucky Dog1 is a 10-hop BL to AVG released by Tennenouji on June 10, 2009. The name of the [lucky dog] is the meaning of [lucky], and the back of the meaning of the number [1] is not the "first", but the English pronunciation of the [one] is [Wang] of the phonetic word.

Gian Carlo is called "Lucky Dog" and good luck guy. Always chewing gum, love jailbreak, proud skills is a pick lock, memory is very good. Parents were killed by strangers who had never been met when they were young, so grew up in an orphanage and the golden ring that had been worn on his neck was the relic of the mother. 16-year-old joined the mafia organization CR: 5 and step by step slowly became the official members. Often caught in prison, and had successfully escaped four times, so that the warden is a headache.

Ivan Fiore personality is very irritable, often bad words, has become the ambition of Boss, Gian became Boss very dissatisfied. Very young people on the cadres, and because the cadres in the bottom with not purely Italian, so many members of the organization look down on him, often called "new". More than half of the non-Italian members of the organization are led by him.

Giulio Di Bondone likes to kill, is the only combatant in the cadre (killer), but do not see the way to kill people is an abnormal murderer (when the murder will feel happy and even produce sexual pleasure), and there are love Interest, there are "rabies Giulio" title. Do not care about others, but respect for Gian, often use honorifics. Born in the ancient Italian family name "Bondone family", Grandpa is the Bondone family when the Lord.

Bernardo Ortolani is older than the others, has a mind, is the central figure in the organization, and Gian's relationship is very good, often and Gian called "Honey" to "Darling" to joke. When young was once in prison with a bag to cover the head after the beating, so there was claustrophobia, very afraid of the black.

Luchino Gregoretti is very forthright, looks strong, seems to have great confidence in yourself, very loving. Had a wife and children, his wife died in his heart left a very serious shadow. Respect for Boss's decision, also support Gian's current Boss.

Bakshi Christensen is very brutal, violent, the basic will ignore the order, very brutal people, together with gang partners are disgusted and afraid of him, different from ordinary people fighting ability.

Racliffe Verhoeven who helped to clean up the house, such as the organization of clean up the body, usually follow Bernardo's instructions to action, usually the whereabouts of erratic, character elusive.