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Magister Negi Magi Costumes

Magister Negi Magi Cosplay. Magister Negi Magi is an original animated piece produced by Japanese animation company XEBEC, played in 2005 for two seasons. The animation focuses on the fun of a teacher who is a graduate of a school in the UK and a 10-year-old teenager Nieji in the Japanese general school as a 31-year-old middle school student.

Negi Springfield was born in Wells, England, and graduated from the Magic School (Mel Diana) with the first place (2002), and now the parents died, and the sister was raised up with the current information, his grandfather Is the head of the Meyer Diana School of Magic, in English ability to have the British Oxford University graduate language proficiency level. Cane is his father personally sent, a total length of 1.5m. Sometimes childish, get mad will be the magic runaway. After coming to Japan, temporarily living in the girls dormitory Kagura Sakamoto Tomoko and Guards woody incense of the room, and later the room inside a corner of the attic transformed into their own small space. In fact, also explore the "magic of the slave" to kill the female partner? Proud magic is the wind magic and mine magic. Because still in practice, so can not use very powerful magic. Sneezing when you can let the surrounding blowing a gust of wind, generally used for blowing tomorrow's clothes and so on. It seems that in many ways have a face talent. Super nasty bath. Able to learn Japanese in three weeks. Because parents are not around, from small to large sister is raising their own. Grandpa is the headmaster of the Meyer Diana Magic School. In the trip travel, the growth is very alarming, whether it is perseverance, magic technology, patience, combat use have gone beyond the ordinary people.