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Supreme Candy Costumes

Supreme Candy Cosplay. (Japanese: し ゅ プ れ ~ ¯ キ キ ャ ン デ ィ ~ Wang Dao に は Wang Dao ta reason reason が あ る ん で す! ~, Free translation: the highest candy ~ king of the reason for the king! ~) Supreme Candy is September 26, 2008 by the game brand pillow The sale of the 18 ban game.

April 21, 2008 First public information on the official website of the pillow and the June issue of Enterbrain's game magazine "TECH GIAN". Following the "H2O-FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND -" "√after and another", the pillow of the third paragraph works, the type of love adventure game, the main actress for the 7 people. The script and the former two for the same as by the Fujikura Xuan a play. Responsible for the original painting of the four illustrators (い ぬ が み き ら, 梱 branches り ko, deep Sen, karory) are all women.

Adult Game Magazine "TECH GIAN" "PUSH !!" Appendix of the two magazines The DVD-ROM contains an experienced version (no character voice) that can be used at the beginning of the game. The first chapter of the product is "the poem of Sakura" (サ ク ラ ノ poem) The first chapter "サ ク ラ ノ poem first chapter ~ spring ノ snow ~" game content CD-ROM.