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To Heart 2 Costumes

To Heart2 Cosplay To Heart2 is Leaf developed AVG game, released on December 9, 2005, the original release on the PS2 version for the whole age, and later transplanted to the PC when the increase in the role and joined the eighteen elements, PC The version name is "To Heart2 XRATED" to distinguish it from the full age version of the previous PS2.

To Heart2's storyline is in the "To Heart" generation two years later in the same high school, almost all the roles are new debut, although only Ji Lily sister in the previous generation of related animation To Heart ~ Remember My Memories ~ In the debut.

Animated version of a total of 13 + 1 set in Japan has been broadcast finished. Yuzuhara Konomi, became the protagonist of XRATED to Hakata. The game system is different from the XRATED visual novel form, using the screen below the dialog window of the general form of love adventure. In addition, this is Leaf officially support Windows Vista's first work. Before the sale of the game, Leaf in the game official website announced ToHeart2 series of three works shipments have exceeded one hundred thousand. The game has PS2 To Heart2 original, PC To Heart2 XRATED (18X), PC is sequel toheart2-Another Day (18X), PSP's To Heart2 portable version.

Gui Ming, a high school first grade boys, parents decided to send abroad, the family left him alone. His mother please live next door to the childhood sweetheart to take care of him. Guiming girls have phobia, not good at girls and contacts, but do not fear the childhood and the ring of wood. Gentle he met a lot of beautiful and kind girl, with them to create a beautiful memory.